Emergency Hand Crank USB Charger


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We’re always running our batteries dead. In the city, in your house, at the office – this isn’t a big deal, just find a charger and a wall outlet/usb port. In the field? Yup… now what?

Worse, what if it’s an emergency? You’re stranded somewhere, you’ve vital information on your device, you need to only send one text – “help me, I’m over here!”. Dead battery? No luck.

Well, we’ve got a solution for that! The hand-crank battery charger. Just like the old-style emergency radios (that are still around), this lifesaver works by using a mini-stator to create electricity to charge your devices. Same idea as a wind turbine, but in this case – you’re the wind.

Three colors available!

At these wholesale prices, it’s so cheap you can’t afford not to have one or two kicking around.

Just. In. Case.


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