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Balkanized North America – Survival Scenario

This is what North America could look like.

Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau have created an incredible amount of political tension and division in North America. In Canada, Quebec is typically the province that threatens to separate from the Canadian Federation, but Trudeau’s policies have sparked a very serious secessionist movement in Alberta. Meanwhile, the US is experiencing the worst political division and upheaval since the Civil War. Murmurs of secession are heard in California and Texas, and with the 2020 election looking like another “us vs. them” situation, it’s doubtful anything is going to get better any time soon.

This isn’t really fantasy. Imagine the reaction from both sides in the 2020 US election if “their side” loses. Trump supporters will go ballistic, saying the election was rigged, and the ‘deep state’ is in control. Militia’s and private citizens around the country will refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the government, and everything will snowball. Likewise if the Democrats lose, there will screams of “bigotry” and “racism” and “collusion with the enemy”. California will lose it’s collective mind.

If the US began to crumble, Canada (aka America Jr.) would fall apart very quickly. British Columbia would immediately align with states that it considers to be kindred spirits – California, Oregon, Washington. The Cascadia movement is very real, and would gain momentum quickly. Quebec would immediately hold another referendum and potentially, finally declare independence. Alberta would join the US, as it is already threatening to do. The South would band together as it always does. Ontario and the Canadian maritime provinces would join with the North-East, being culturally nearly identical.

We think of North America as being an impenetrable fortress, and it largely is, owing to American military power, Canada being tightly integrated economically and militarily with the US, and the continent’s sheer vastness in terms of geographical size. But its highly vulnerable to attacks from the inside.

1. The Power Grid

In 2003, a massive blackout affected the entirety of the the North East (including Ontario). Around 60 million people suddenly had no power, and didn’t for nearly two weeks. The reasons for the failure couldn’t initially be determined and nobody had any idea when the lights would come back on. It was eerie, being in major cities of a million plus without absolutely no lights, no power, no nothing. Gas pumps didn’t work, Air Conditioners didn’t work, stores were closed (and soon looted), food went bad and became scarce, water started becoming scarce, public transit stopped… everything stopped. It exposed how vulnerable North America is. It eventually turned out to be nothing but a software bug in an Ohio generating station that caused a cascade failure in the grid. A software bug crippled North America. Unfortunately, not much has changed. North American power grids could be crippled by something as simple as a few well-aimed rifle rounds hitting certain spots. In 2003, the grid went down without any disaster or panic occurring at the time. Imagine if the grid went down in the middle of massive political upheaval and demonstrations. What would the reaction be?

2. The Water System

Only 15% of Americans and Canadians are served by their own wells, the rest rely on some kind of public system. Any damage to these systems would cause incredible problems, panic, and disorder. For years experts have warned of the need to upgrade, repair, and protect North America’s water systems, saying that any kind of attack would be absolutely devastating. So far, these warnings have almost been entirely ignored. A single attack, concentrated where water enters the pipeline could kill thousands, utterly cripple a city, and cause massive widespread panic; especially if more than one city is targeted. Water systems are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks from hostile entities.

3. Political Riots

We’ve already talked about what may be coming with election 2020. Imagine if riots get out of control in multiple cities. How do the authorities respond? If the police get too aggressive, or have to get aggressive, what will the response be? What if the police can’t handle it and have to call in the National Guard (or the Army Reserve in Canada). How will that be perceived? Will red-states and Trump supporters think the corrupt government is finally coming for them? To disarm them and take over? Many already believed this when the Jade Helm exercise. Sales of firearms went through the roof then. This whole thing is on a hair-trigger. Even in Canada the tensions are growing. Justin Trudeau’s popularity is even lower than Donald Trumps at the moment, and his governmental is technically illegitimate as a confidence vote was ignored by the speaker of the house (himself a Liberal – Trudeau’s Party). People are upset over the massive immigration rates in Canada, and Alberta is threatening to leave Confederation over the way it’s oil and gas industry is being both looted and suppressed by Ottawa. What happens if both countries fall to rioting?

Be Prepared

According to polls, as much as a third of Americans currently believe that a conflict like a second civil war could break out in the next five years. If that’s not a signal that you should prepare yourself and your family, then what is? Historian Niall Ferguson said that if someone were to design a “Civil War Clock” comparable to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ “Doomsday Clock”, we would now be hearing that it’s “two minutes to Fort Sumter

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